Forklift Service & repair

Our well-trained and experienced technicians are equipped with modern mobile service vehicles and equipment to safely and properly repair your forklift. We work on all makes and models and provide high-quality breakdown services and Preventive Maintenance programs in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
We pride ourselves in good communication of needed repairs, prompt quotations, transparen billing, and efficient equipment repair. Proper fleet management is crucial to your business’s success, and we take it seriously. We aren’t merely there to work on your forklifts but help your business track costs with our comprehensive reports. This means more profit for your business.

Why use Us?

We offer services in three locations around South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town and KwaZulu Natal. Our experienced staff is standing by to help your business move materials safely, promptly, and efficiently. We understand that you don’t always experience service concerns during business hours. Therefore, we offer breakdown and after-hours calls. The Advantage:

Forklift Maintenance Tips

Forklift maintenance is vital for your forklift fleet management. Proper maintenance will help your business save money over the long run by having equipment that lasts long and runs better.
Proper forklift maintenance will allow your business' assets to hold their value.


Here are some preventative maintenance tips:


Contact us to discuss our Preventive Maintenance programs and determine the best fit for your business to keep your forklift fleet operating at peak performance.